Our services​

The operation of our label is based on the availability of services at fair prices. These services are numerous, cover all of our missions, and rely on skills:

  • Mastery of advanced production tools (recording, editing, mixing, mastering, video, photography)

  • ​Mastery of the pedagogical and artistic approach: session supervision, session direction, arrangements (if necessary), editorial line, ability to highlight the artistic material, in-depth work on sound, global vision, artistic coherence.​

  • Mastery of the tools and knowledge necessary for editing and marketing: labeling, duplication, digital distribution, administrative management, computer skills, assistance, advice, promotion.

For productions funded by the Federation Wallonia-Brussels, these services are covered by the grant up to 80%.


Production is our DNA. homerecords.be offers you the expertise and proven experience of two artists with a solid background in production. Together, they form a duo whose vibrant imagination transcends any standardized notion of style or genre. Under their guidance, you can bring to life your most unique desires and aspirations. Enhance your sound, your words, your image, your narrative.

Michel Van Achter: Founder of the label, co-artistic director with eRno le Mentholé, sound engineer, and producer. Recording, mixing, mastering.

eRno le Mentholé: Co-artistic director with Michel Van Achter, pianist, keyboardist, author, composer, producer, arranger, and tree-like videographer. Recording, mixing, photography, video.


The new economy is the result of many years of observation, data processing, trials and errors, analyses, assessments, and contacts. The office tools (specific software and applications) developed by Jérôme Collignon and the established methodology allow us to offer fast, efficient, and direct services that are not time-consuming and provide expert guidance (platforms, management companies). This includes copyright management, contract monitoring, agenda management, contacts, etc.

Physical and digital distribution

We are present on most digital platforms including BANDCAMP, SPOTIFY, QOBUZ, DEEZER, ITUNES, NAXOS. Furthermore, we have privileged contacts with distributors on all five continents.


We support our releases with promotional work backed by an extensive network of contacts and expertise. This includes sending albums to the press, personalized outreach, newsletters, and press releases sent to music industry professionals at local, regional, national, and international levels (Transglobal World Music Charts, World Music Charts Europe, specialized press, etc.). We also create photo and video shoots, teasers, etc. We engage in targeted and promotional publications on social media. Additionally, we offer training in the use of valuable tools for artists.

Pressing and duplication

We press and duplicate various types of CD formats: digifiles, digisleeves, digipacks, with or without booklets, as well as CD books. We prioritize digifiles and digisleeves, which are entirely made of recyclable cardboard. Additionally, we offer on-demand vinyl pressing.

Graphics, photography, video

In addition to album layout, we handle graphic design for various materials (flyers, posters, roll-ups, unique supports). We also have high-end professional photo and video equipment. We carry out photo shoots, create video clips, teasers, interviews, and documentaries.

SONY FE GM 24mm 1.4
SONY FE PZ 28-135mm 4.0
PANASONIC 12-35mm lens
TAMRON 24-70
CANON 10-22