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Osvaldo Hernandez Nápoles, Osvaldo Hernandez Nápoles & Sébastien Taminiau

Album : Cantos bebida y muerte
Realese date : 09 juin 2023

After the remarkable 'Cantandos & Historias', Patricia & Osvaldo Hernandez refine their work and return to us with CANTOS BEBIDA Y MUERTE. Subtle, embodied, magnificent, to which a procession of superlatives of death, yellow marigold, dance, mezcal, suffering or joy, the desire to whistle while working, high fashion with vibrant colors, and turning their backs on everything expected, heard, and repeated under the umbrellas of the sacred market. Why do we play music today? Everyone has their answer, but they know it better than anyone else. Slowly, with determination and modesty, they pass the torch from ancestors to our childhood and transform a tradition into a perpetual social and artistic movement. Two voices united intimately and artistically, melodies that imbed themselves in each of our neurons, traditional percussion and stringed instruments, now joined by Sébastien Taminiau's double bass and violin, as well as Martín López Muro's guitar. The enchanting Petenera irrigates the land, hydrates the dust, and emboldens the unfortunate people. That is why we are happy, here at to work with Celmaca. It gives us one of those "patatas" in the face of a terribly uncertain future.

eRno le Mentholé