By Marie-Sophie Talbot


Marie-Sophie Talbot: piano, voice, likembé, udu, small percussion
Nathalie Peetermans: percussion (Batas, calabash, small percussion) & acoustic guitar
Luc Vanden Bossche: drums and percussion
Olivier Stalon: electric bass
Cécile Broché : Violin
Aurélien Guyot: violin and viola
Marie-Eve Ronveaux: cello
Laurence Saltiel: voice
Anne Beaupain: voice and spoken voice
Jacques Verhaegen: voice
Isabelle Lamouline: voice and movement (live)
Nathalie Boulanger: voice and movement (live) 

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Ondes is a tribute to life! Ondes is going to sea in a multidisciplinary show with a gifted captain who keeps the troops awake on the foam of the days. Marie-Sophie Talbot with a solid crew goes around moods and continents with a sincerity and a drive for life that commands respect, with an art of pooling and orchestration, with inspired texts and choirs . The paddle is wide as a deep draught, and the waterline carries the song of untamed humanity. A piano/bass/drums trio, percussion, a guitar, 6 voices, two dancers, an actress, a string trio and a cutting-edge technical team to discover this Wednesday February 15 at the 140 theater at 8 p.m. in Brussels. We’ll be there !