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album\' picture Aurélie Dorzée - L'art de voler

Straight from an unearthly imagination comes „L’ART DE VOLER”, the fifth album by Aurélie Dorzée & Tom Theuns. In the twilight of styles like waltz-musette or even a tango, this acoustic duo uses multiple instruments (violin, viola d’amore, trumpetviolin, mandocello, open tuning guitar, …) and enchanting vocals to create intensely poetic musical landscapes, full of humour and fantasy. A modern folk album, courageously flying without limits.
album\' picture Lara Leliane - free

Lara Leliane : an enchanting and adventurous voice. This singer with a love for innovation developed a musical language of her own, influenced by folk and world music.
album\' picture Elles s'y promènent - C'est la voix de la terre

Een album met schatten uit de orale Franstalige traditie van België, Frankrijk en Quebec. Wereldmuziek! Florence Laloy en Christine Lurquin zingen eenstemmig of tweestemmig, zowel a cappella als in kwartet met Luc PILARTZ op violen en Osvaldo HERNANDEZ-NAPOLES op allerhande percussie. Percussionist Chris JORIS, die al meespeelde in de eerste kwartetbezetting, fungeert hier als gastmuzikant.
album\' picture Caçamba - batendo cancelas

The vegetation of the Brazilian cerrado, folklores and legends. An endless road of white sand, filled with old wooden gates. The traditions of the coast and inland. A carnival in Recife and another in Rio, and of course a visit to Brussels! The "Batendo Cancelas" drive will take us on a journey, eyes closed, to the musical landscapes of Brazil.
album\' picture Flygmaskin - Fall

Flygmaskin, a winged engine escaped a few years ago from Sébastien Willemyns' head, displays its poetical acrobatics in the new album, "Fall". Taking up from classical music, souring steadily, landing is not planned for this atypical quartet, blending jazz and lyricism, rhythm and enrapture.
album\' picture El Toto café - Bourbon in my coffee

A love story sipped until the last drop, erotic impulses that make you lose your mind, memories that you constantly try to untangle – these are the ingredients for this new opus which drives us to the euphoria of the soul. « Drink as much as you can! »