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album\' picture IF Trio - Imaginary Folklores

IF Trio (Imaginary Folklores) is an acoustic ensemble in chamber-music format, playing a resolutely contemporary and cosmopolitan repertoire of original compositions and improvisations. The first album of IF Trio is a statement of musical nomadism. "Imaginary Folklores" unfolds a kaleidoscope of risky improvisations, sonic and rhythmic extravagances, but also intimate, quiet moments.
album\' picture Nisia - Eredità

That is what "Nisia" is made of: of the memory of a people, of songs that come from far, of tales of migration, of work, of journeys, of lullabies and invitations to the feast to celebrate life.
album\' picture Gansan feat. Foulane Bouhssine - Live at Gaume Jazz Festival

While working on its new project, coming out around the fall 2014, GanSan allows itself a little detour with this live recording. Recorded during their performance at the Gaume Jazz Festival, this detour reflects their energy and passion to communicate their music as the band is playing it live. It is about enjoying playing together on a great stage for a captivated audience.
album\' picture Karim Baggili - Kali City

During the course of two parts, the first with the three Joubran brothers ("graceful, generous and talented") and the second surrounded by his "Arabic Band" with its traditional instruments (kawala, ud darbuka), Karim Baggili invites us on a journey to the east and this Jordan of which he keeps so many memories.
album\' picture Daniel Willem Gipsy Jazz Band - Sinto Swing

Swing, waltz, bossa nova, song: the repertoire is original and varied. Daniel Willem’s quintet oozes a maturity and openness typical of enduring music groups. The warm sound of the leader's violin, Tchavo Bergers' accordion, the rhythms of Popso Weiss and Sylvestre Berger, Patrick Willem's bass and the fabulous solo guitar of Samson Schmitt, all contribute to the creation of this specific musical world.
album\' picture Quark - Trust in time

Quark is the result of a musical experiment whose aim it is to combine the “electronised” trombone and the compositions of Adrien Lambinet with the synthetic groove of the drums of Alain Deval. The album can be described as minimalistic, animate, loaded with emotions and restraint, yet each particle of the album seems to be singular and personal. Quark promises to challenge the laws of physics!