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album\' picture Tom Theuns & Paul Russell - In between trees

With a second album release on the Homerecords label, Tom Theuns (Aurelia, Ambrozijn,…) enters into dialogue with American troubadour Paul Russell from Boulder, Colorado. Over the summer, Tom and Paul isolated themselves in a woodland cabin where they worked out a bunch of songs based on their mutual passion for ragtime, country blues and European folk.
album\' picture Melike - Inn Of Love

Voice and instruments are bridging the gap, just as love ignores spaces and conquers distance in a heartbeat. A suggestion of endlessness unfolds: love in its purest shape is connecting individuals with each other and connects individuals with the mystical essence, with the universe.
album\' picture Astor - En Bruselas

Quinteto Astor consists of fi ve musicians united by their fascination and love for Argentine Tango. Inspired by the vibrant Tango scene in Buenos Aires, the members of Quinteto Astor undertook a quest for a similar passion in their own country, Belgium. This resulted in a new album which pays ‘a warm tribute to the passionate Belgians’.
album\' picture Didier Laloy & Kathy Adam - Belem

Didier Laloy and Kathy Adam form an atypical duo featuring diatonic accordion and cello. They are both brilliant musicians in their own right. For over 15 years they have travelled througout Europe with the group ‘Panta Rhei’, and shared the stage on many other occasions including Didiers own projects Didier Laloy Invites, [Pô-Z]s, Noir’s and Nonsens.
album\' picture Aranis - Made in Belgium II

Aranis, year 2014: a Belgian band that brings something definitely off the beaten tracks! The second installment in their "Made in Belgium" series (aka MIB 2) is now on the road...and it's more captivating than a thriller!
album\' picture Griff Trio - Yoraré

Griff Trio could have played those traditional melodies in their most rough form, like a bunch of photocopies, but they preferred to confront them to their imagination and artistic desires... So no nostalgia in this record, but the breath of 21st century troubadours.