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album\' picture Flygmaskin - Fall

Flygmaskin, a winged engine escaped a few years ago from Sébastien Willemyns' head, displays its poetical acrobatics in the new album, "Fall". Taking up from classical music, souring steadily, landing is not planned for this atypical quartet, blending jazz and lyricism, rhythm and enrapture.
album\' picture El Toto café - Bourbon in my coffee

A love story sipped until the last drop, erotic impulses that make you lose your mind, memories that you constantly try to untangle – these are the ingredients for this new opus which drives us to the euphoria of the soul. « Drink as much as you can! »
album\' picture Mehmet Polat Trio - Next spring

The Mehmet Polat Trio is a spiritual yet adventurous meeting of three masters of their magical instruments: ney, kora and ud. With roots in the Ottoman, ancient Anatolian, Balkan and West African music traditions, the trio welcomes you with its musical authenticity.
album\' picture Tali Toké - Tali Toké

Tali Toké is a wild spirit... a genuine and powerful music. Between contemporary jazz and world music, with surprising atmospheres, mesmerizing tones and stabbing melodies, Tali Toké offers an original music, rarely heard and unexpected.
album\' picture Tom Theuns & Paul Russell - In between trees

With a second album release on the Homerecords label, Tom Theuns (Aurelia, Ambrozijn,…) enters into dialogue with American troubadour Paul Russell from Boulder, Colorado. Over the summer, Tom and Paul isolated themselves in a woodland cabin where they worked out a bunch of songs based on their mutual passion for ragtime, country blues and European folk.
album\' picture Melike - Inn Of Love

Voice and instruments are bridging the gap, just as love ignores spaces and conquers distance in a heartbeat. A suggestion of endlessness unfolds: love in its purest shape is connecting individuals with each other and connects individuals with the mystical essence, with the universe.