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album\' picture Lylac - Living By the Rules we're Making

Lylac presents 'Living By the Rules we're Making', his most personal record. The songs diffuse a soft nostalgic fragrance, a pastoral psychedelic ‘Mojo’. One enters this album on tiptoe. Slowly, the sound crackles and all around, the world spins slowly, relentlessly, like a treasured vinyl spared by the weight of years.
album\' picture eRno Le Mentholé - La mécanique poétique

With La Mécanique Poétique, eRno le Mentholé propose a solo piano album that is made up of sculptured tones and spontaneous compositions insinuated by a colourful mix of fauna and flora. The sounds and the melodies mark out an unremitting migratory flux between the old traditions of Europe, the no man’s land and the afro-american river. An album unlike any other...
album\' picture Tied & Nyckled - baroque update

In Sweden, the viola d’amore a chiavi is called nyckelharpa and despite its danger of extinction (in central Europe), Swedes have kept it alive for the last 400 years. The Swedish word nyckel means 'keyed' and harpa means 'string instrument', so it translates as 'keyed fiddle'. The theorbo and viola da gamba have no keys but are also tied with strings.
album\' picture Mr Diagonal's Midlife Crisis - Midlife Crisis

Mr Diagonal Midlife Crisis is a groovy concept album about the male menopause to highlight some of the hidden facettes of mr Diagonal's tortured soul.
album\' picture Bernard L'Hoir - She's...

This new album by BL - the eighth - contains eleven instrumental titles with vocal grooves. It was mixed in "Real World Studios", the prestigious English studio conceived by Peter Gabriel. The idea behind the musical concept was to create eleven tracks which all radiate such a personal atmosphere that each of them could become the main theme of a feature film.
album\' picture Taxídi - Dreamy train

Taxídi is a trip through different countries, cultures and sounds*. If you take the road to Taxídi, you will hear attractive and captivating melodies composed by Simon Fransquet, which are sometimes simple and powerful, and sometimes rhythmic and dipping into a complex harmony. *Taxídi means travel in Greek